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Our range

The focal point of our range is pan-ready, portioned beef, lamb, ostrich and pork fillet steaks for the retail sector and home consumption.

Besides our portioned steaks we also supply game specialities such as venison and even springbok to our foodservice customers. Diced goulash and stir fried meat strips, fresh gammon and mildly-smoked bacon from our own smokery are all established favourites with this customer group.

We supply wholesale firms in the foodstuffs sector with ready-cooked roasts and meat cuts, pre-portioning these 'ready meal' ingredients to our customers' own requirements and eliminating the need for further handling by adding the exact required weight of meat.

Steakmeister has great depth of experience and comprehensive expertise in meat portioning, pre-cooking and smoking.

Just let us know what your own special requirements are: we'll be delighted to help!