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Our quality policy

Satisfied customers are the key to our success!

In statistical terms, one in three German citizens ate a steak from Steakmeister last year.

But quality and not just quantity is our overriding goal: each and every steak has to meet our exacting quality standards, day-in day-out. That's because only satisfied customers become repeat customers.

As a measure of our consistently excellent performance, Steakmeister has been awarded the International Food Standard's (IFS) 'Higher Level' certification, which confirms the effectiveness of our comprehensive and effective Quality Assurance system. Once a year every year, we invite an independent Quality Assurance institute to put this system to the test. The current certificate you will find here.

Quality Assurance starts with the selection of our raw materials and suppliers. Very strict quality, cut and microbiological requirements need to be met without fail - and every delivery is tested against these criteria. To help ensure this, we closely involve independent testing laboratories and consultant engineers in every step of our production process. All production and quality-critical parameters, which are in line with HACCP, are subjected to tough checks and documented at every stage of the ongoing production process. Should corrective action be required, this constant monitoring means we can act immediately.

The training of our employees is a crucial factor in ensuring we consistently achieve our own exacting quality standards: Product Quality and Hygiene are the focal points of the regular meetings and workshops we hold for our production staff.

Criticisms and suggestions are actively encouraged and rewarded via our Better Box system.


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