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Our R & D

From idea to product.

A quick look at the menu of a quality Italian restaurant: calf's liver in sage - or perhaps saltimbocca alla Romana for the dinner table at home tonight? These dishes evoke our favourite trips to far-off, exotic places, while Steakmeister's delicious spare ribs bring back memories of holidays in California.

We scour the kitchens of the world for our ideas and go to great lengths to make these a practical, tasty reality for home or restaurant dishes. Our ongoing search for ideas means we always have new products to offer. However, it's quite a long haul from the idea to the production line, as every dish is first subjected to a comprehensive range of tests; only when these have been successfully completed and when the raw materials and suppliers have been painstakingly selected can the new product be presented to our customers. And it's the customer alone who decides whether or not it will be a success!